Pay yourself

The internet has created an unbelievable amount of
opportunities to Build an Online Business You Love.

There’s never been a better time to find your
purpose and follow your bliss.

Believe it or not:

There will never be enough time in a life to pursue all
the opportunities that are available to you online.

You may not have found your calling yet.
And you might still be trying to figure out

“What your purpose is”.

Have you ever considered that you might have multiple
and “simpler” purposes to fill in your life?

Maybe your purpose is:
Getting Paid.

Or maybe Getting paid is just
ONE of your purposes.

Maybe you have
another purpose.

Finding something that you look
forward to getting out of bed for
in the morning:

It’s one of the most Fulfilling Purposes
you can Find.

Your Purpose can go even deeper: And it Does.

An ideal career should fulfill all 4 of
these pillars
– so that it will fulfill
every part of your being.

Ever heard of The Ikigai?

What you

What the
world needs

What you can
be paid for

What you’re
good at

One Step Further
Than The Ikigai:

An Online business supports a lifestyle of freedom
and enjoyment. The Ideal Lifestyle Business Can:

Be operated from
anywhere in the world.

Whether it’s a hostel in Thailand, or a monastery in
the mountains. Wherever there is internet - there is potential.

Be operated part time

and pay you well enough to live comfortably without
having to keep track of every last dollar in your bank account.

Be Evergreen

which means focused around a niche that is always in demand and
won’t go out of style.

Be Mostly Automated.

There is no such thing as a business that is 100% automated.
But if your business can be 80-90% automated then that’s a pretty good sign
that you have a great business that’s built to give you your life back.

Be Eco Friendly

AKA Economically and Ecologically Sustainable. Most of the online
business opportunities of today allow for a business model that is both profitable and ecologically sustainable.

You can sleep well at night knowing your bank account will continue
to grow while your carbon footprint will continue to be significantly reduced.

You don’t have to be
a techie these days to run a
profitable business online.

Although there are tonnes of tools out there
to make it easy for you - it still helps to learn the fundamentals of building an online business.

And Once You know the rules – You can learn how to break them.

Once you understand how to do these basic internet things

Buy and setup a
domain name

Build A Drag and Drop
Marketing Funnel

Write Effective
Marketing Copy

Install a
Wordpress plugin

Setup a Social
Media Account

Setup a Facebook
or Google Ad

Build SEO backlinks

Find virtual people to
outsource stuff to

Build a List and
send Emails to It

And once you understand how to do
basic internet things,

you can outsource them to other people for
pennies on dollar.

Then you will start to see just how simple it can be
to build a successful online business that

you LOVE.

An opportunity for everyone.

Here’s a snapshot of just some of the businesses you can start
online – with no experience and limited funding.

Become an influencer
on social media

Become a Vlogger

Become a Star
on OnlyFans

Start a fitness
coaching business

Start your own
clothing brand

Start your own
supplement brand

Or Start a
life coaching business

Become an
Affiliate Marketing Master

Start your own Social Media
Marketing Agency

Build your own App

Create Info Products Like
Video Courses and E-books.

Create Children’s Books

Dropship Random
Products on Shopify
or Amazon

And so much more.

The opportunities are real. The time to create your dream business
is finally here.
What’s possible today might not have been possible 5 or even 10 years ago.
And what’s possible in the future can’t be seen today.

For The times they are a changing
there’s never been a better time to be alive.

Turn passion
into profit

Take Action

Feel Satisfied

Feed Yourself

Then Feed The People
Around You

Build A Business
You Love Online

Build An Online Business
You Love!

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